In the silence of the forest
There lived a pair of trees
They were wild and in their arms they bore
Thousands of blithe saplings
Their power unquestioned, their might absolute
Their roots sunk deep in the ground
It's said you could hear them speaking to you
In the absence of any sound

From these trees a sapling fell
Her raiment a shimmering veil
Don't try to look at her too close
You're surely doomed to fail
And gods forbid a traveller
Should happen in her way
For lies, deception, and deciet
Are how she tempts the fey

A second sapling fell to earth
Her hair of laurels wrought
For her great purpose in the forest
Is truth and knowledge sought
It's said that any question put
To her must surely find
An answer balanced in the limbs
Of her omniscient mind

The third of all the saplings
Was filled with thirst so great
Her trunk has swollen, her branches thick
As this great thirst she slakes
Her dress is orange, gold, and brown
The autumn is her friend
For she announces harvest time
And feasting without end

The fourth and fifth must surely be
Entwined within this poem
Together they are, as one they were born
As one they make their home
The first twin is mild and calm as can be
The second cannot be cut down
For they are in perfect serenity
And brilliantly shine from their crown

The sixth little sapling is spritely and flits
From shadow to dapple to shade
A traveller might be arrested by her
And follow her to her glade
There to be tormented all of their lives
By the mystery of her ways
Her face and her body, her arms and her hair
Hypnotic for all of their days

The seventh sapling is brilliantly cloaked
Her trunk is straight and true
The thousands of saplings hearken to her
When storms in the glade ripple through
Though violence and battle have scarred all her limbs
The traveller can find no friend
More bound unto courage, more driven to win
More true until story's end

The arms of the forest encircle the glade
Where all of the saplings do stand
Their branches like spires of rich palaces
Their leaves and their trunks bright and grand
The air in the forest is thick with their breath
Intoxicating, as is their way
Should traveller pass through, tread softly, my friend
In the court of the Seelie Fey
-Andromeda, Seelie Princess